Business Plan

Step 1: Corporate body decides the type of project it wants to fund in order to discharge its social responsibility and accordingly intimates SAVE-INDIA and SAVE-UK.

Step 2: SAVE-INDIA in collaboration with SAVE-UK identifies an appropriate grass root NGO which has the relevant experience and expertise in carrying out the work required for the selected project.

Step 3: A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed between the corporate body and a joint representative body of SAVE-INDIA and SAVE-UK to carry out the work within a specific budget and time. SAVE-INDIA and SAVE-UK will undertake the responsibility to design the project in collaboration with the selected grass root NGO ensuring that the project conforms to the modern internationally accepted norms known as ‘SMART’: S-Specific; M–Measurable; A–Attainable; R–Realistic; T–Time bound.

Step 4: A separate MOU between SAVE-INDIA and SAVE-UK and the selected grass root NGO will be signed to ensure that not only the purpose of the collaboration but also the execution of the project is completely satisfactory for all the stakeholders concerned. It will ensure that there will be a clear plan of action regarding infrastructure, modus operandi, budget and the time frame for satisfactory completion of the project.

Step 5: The project will be monitored during the execution by an appointed monitor and will also be evaluated independently after the completion of the project.

Step 6: The work carried out with the help of corporate body will be prominently highlighted in all the stakeholders’ websites, pamphlets and brochures and also if possible in the media.

Step 7: A record of all the financial transactions will be maintained and will be available for inspection by any relevant authority.