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Association for social health in india

When you sponsor a child through SAVE-UK you are improving every aspect of the child’s life. The SAVE-UK sponsorship program assists the child as well as the family – in many cases a single mother raising her children alone.
Your donation will go towards the health, education and nutrition of a child, as well as livelihood training and life skills for the parents. The program helps children in West Bengal district.

One month of child sponsorship is £ 35 (Rs. 3540). All donations are eligible for tax exemption as per Section 80g.
£ 35 (Rs. 3540) x 1 month = £ 35 (Rs. 3540)

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If you choose to sponsor a child for an entire year for £ 420 (Rs 42,470), you will be able to learn all about the child and family whose life you have changed. SAVE-UK will send you a picture and the background of the child, as well as an annual progress report.
£ 420 (Rs. 42,470) x 1 year = £ 420 (Rs. 42,470)

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