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Association for Social Health in India (ASHI)

Ashadeep Islampur Road, Guwahati
March 22, 2017
Calcutta Social Project (CSP)
May 3, 2019


Violence against women is widespread, particularly related to the dowry system in India. Early marriage, female foeticide, lifelong economic dependance of women, all are related to dowry system. ASHI has six short-stay homes to give shelter to abused young women who had to leave their homes. SAVE UK has been funding ASHI for almost 20 years supporting 6 to 10 young women each year training them as auxiliary nurses, physiotherapists, ECG and laboratory technicians, depending on capabilities, helping them to settle back again in the society. SAVE UK also funds ASHI’s beautician training, sewing and embroidery projects. From this year SAVE India is planning to start a computer training programme in ASHI.

Focused Area

  • women's shelter
  • vocational training
  • auxiliary nurse training
  • sewing projects


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ASHI Comps
ASHI techs 1
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