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Rehabilitation Centre for Children

Tagore Foundation School
March 21, 2017
Murshidabad Samaj Kalyan Samiti
March 22, 2017



SAIFOORA from Kapisa Province in Afghanistan. She is 4 years old. When she came to RCFC in early December she was not able to stand nore able to walk. She underwent surgery in RCFC which enabled her to straighten her legs. After three weeks of having a plaster she was provided with casts that stabilized her legs during the walking process. Additionally she was put on physiotherapy After some weeks she was able to stand with the help of a walker and is nowadays taking her first steps with the help of it.

ASIL AHMAD from Kapisa Provice in Afghanistan. He is 6 years old and is not able to go to school due to his disability and also due to the financial situation of his family. He is a case of Quadriplegic CP. He underwent adductor tenotomy in RCFC. Post surgery he got an abductor cast for stabilisation.. His physiotherapy also commenced with stretching exercises. After that some more exercises were added to improve his pelvic strength and stability. His improved condition enables him to move his legs and also maintain better personal hygiene.

EDRIS from Kabul in Afghanistan. He is twelve years of age and came the long way to RCFC along with both his parents. Due to the financial situation of the family and his disability he is not able to go to school. When he came RCFC he was not able to stand nor walk properly. He was operated upon in RCFC. After a couple of weeks his plasters were removed and physiotherapy started. Furthermore he was provided with casts from RCFC. His physiotherapy started with stretching. After a few weeks he was able to stand up independently. After 10 days he was able to take his first steps with the help of a walker. Edris is nowadays able to walk for a long time on a treadmill. The progresses he is making are just amazing. He himself is delighted to observe how his skills of walking grow each day.

Focused Area

  • Trained health workers
  • rehabilitation
  • physiotherapy
  • specialist care


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