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Welcome To My Yard (WTMY)

Calcutta Social Project (CSP)
May 3, 2019
Cultural and Empowerment Organisation for Afghans (CEOA)
May 6, 2019


‘Welcome To My Yard’ (WTMY) an NGO established by an Australian couple in Kathmandu, provides practical and vocational training support to more than 300 children and young people, who are homeless or on the verge of being homeless. WTMY works to a holistic model offering intervention to vulnerable children and young people. Utilising a strong community partnership approach WTMY has been able to offer a diverse range of services and vocational training opportunities within small and growing, not-for-profit business projects. SAVE has identified WTMY as a local partner organisation and has secured funding (£6,000 per year for three years) from the Bairdwatson Trust of Scotland for a small project which will provide a tailoring programme for homeless young women or those who are at risk of homelessness. Both basic and advanced training are provided in Kathmandu by WTMY. The young women enrolled in the courses are supported not only in aquiring vocational skills but also receive continuing emotional support. They will also receive career development until they are settled.

Focused Area

  • Vocational training
  • homeless youth
  • tailoring programme
  • homeless young women


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